REGULAR ACTIVITY IN OLDER AGE (training for seniors)

Regular physical activity helps us to maintain physical fitness and abilities that we need for everyday tasks and movement. If we do enough exercise, we positively affect our well-being, confidence and overall levels of energy, so we can enjoy greater fulfilment in life. By moving our body we strengthen our muscles, prevent the loss of mobility, reduce the likelihood of stress and depression, build up confidence and boost the immune system. It is therefore extremely important to keep moving as we age so we can remain agile and healthy.

With regular exercise we also reduce the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Every beginning is hard because we venture out of our comfort zone. It is important to start slowly and gradually build up physical activity. Make sure to select exercises and activities that you already like and enjoy as this will be a great source of motivation.


  • Walk as much as possible
  • Gradually introduce movement into your everyday life
  • Use stairs instead of an elevator
  • Use a bicycle instead of a car
  • Join organized groups led by a personal trainer
  • Stay consistent and committed


Our training offer for seniors is very varied and rich. In addition to unlimited use of all our facilities and services, you can also join group classes led by a trainer who will make sure that you do the exercises correctly and take good care of your body.

Our gyms cover 2000m2 and provide outstanding conditions for training.

Large and spacious gyms, good ventilation and professional coaches are everything you need for a truly invaluable experience.

To make it easier for you to navigate a wide selection of our training programmes, we put together the description of classes so you can decide which one is best for you. We definitely recommend that you join different classes and see for yourself what would be the most efficient training for your body.

And our staff at the reception desk will always be more than happy to give you advice on which combination of classes would be a perfect fit for you, taking into account your goals, physical fitness and health.

TRAINING FOR SENIORS IN THE POOL – Classes that combine exercises and swimming.

  • Prior knowledge of swimming is not necessary because the depth of the pool is 1.35m, so you can do the individual exercises and strokes in a safe and carefree manner.

VITAL – A very diverse training in a gym intended for everyone who want to maintain the vitality and health of their body.

  • It includes different elements of traditional aerobics, cross training, Pilates and stretching.
  • Individual exercises are designed to condition the whole body.

HYDROTHERAPY – The goal of this training is to maintain, regenerate and recover the health of your body. 

  • Exercises carried out under water put less strain on the joints, while water resistance is used to improve muscle tone, strength and stamina faster.

AQUA GYM – Water aerobics.

  • An extremely efficient training that is gentle on your body, joints and ligaments.
  • It requires a basic level of physical fitness because you will burn great amounts of energy during exercises.
  • You will work against the resistance of water in various ways (jumping, running, sprinting, exercises with weights and own body weight etc.) with your own body weight and different swimming aids.

PILATES – Specific training that heightens the awareness of your own body.

  • It focuses on strengthening the core of the body and the associated muscle groups: 
  • the deep and transverse abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks.
  • The goal of training is to improve muscular control and stability of the body.

YOGALATES – Training that includes elements of yoga, such as relaxing, calming down and stretching, as well as Pilates because it improves flexibility, increases muscle strength and tone, particularly of the core muscles, and improves mobility and stability of your body. 

  • It is accessible to any age group and suitable for all levels of physical fitness, from absolute beginners to professional athletes.
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