/ General competition terms and conditions (FB/IG)

General competition terms and conditions (FB/IG)


Competition Terms and Conditions – Facebook and Instagram

General Entry Terms and Competition Rules in social media (ŠUS Eurofitness Facebook and Mister brada Instagram)

  1. Contest organizer details
    The organizer of ŠUS Eurofitness Promotions, Competitions, Giveaways and Prize Draws (hereinafter: Competition) is the company ŠUS Evrofitness d.o.o., Vodnikova cesta 155, Ljubljana (hereinafter: Organizer).

The purpose of Competition is to promote the trademark of ŠUS Eurofitness and its partners. Entrants to the Competition participate in the Prize Draw set out below in these General Entry Terms and Competition Rules. Facebook and Instagram do not in any way sponsor, organize or participate in Competitions.

  1. Entrants
    The Competition is carried out in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia. The Competition may be entered by all natural persons over the age of 18 years with permanent or temporary residence in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia. The Competition may not be entered by the employees of the company ŠUS Evrofitness d.o.o., Vodnikova cesta 155, Ljubljana, by their immediate family members (spouse, cohabiting partner, children), by other persons directly involved in the organization of Competition or by legal persons. Participation in the Competition is not contingent on the subscription to ŠUS Eurofitness newsletter and is not conditional upon the purchase of any ŠUS Eurofitness products or services.
  2. Competition terms and conditions
    By participating in the Competition, the Entrants agree that they are familiar with and agree to the General Entry Terms and Competition Rules determined by the Organizer. The Terms are published on the www.sus-euroftness.si website.

The Draw of Winners by the Organizer is final, there may be no appeal against it and there is no need to give justification for it. Competitions are carried out in accordance with the Slovenian legislation; General Entry Terms and Competition Rules enter into force on 1 December 2022 and are in force until revoked.

  1. Mechanics for entry in the Competition
    To enter the Competition, the Entrants shall answer correctly the question (comment a post) under individual Facebook or Instagram posts or perform the task according to the instructions in these posts on the ŠUS Eurofitness Facebook page or ŠUS Eurofitness Instagram page. Individual Entrants may enter the Competition several times; they are, however, entitled to only one Prize.
  2. The duration of Competition, Prize fund and tax obligations
    The duration of Competition, as well as the Prize fund (the value of Prize), are precisely defined in each individual post on Facebook or Instagram. The Organizer reserves the right to extend or shorten the duration of the Competition and shall publish its decision regarding this on Facebook or Instagram. The Prize is non-transferable and may not be exchanged for cash or other product equivalent.  An individual natural person whom the Organizer considers as the Entrant may receive only one Prize.

Prizes are taxed pursuant to Slovenian Personal Income Tax Act. The Winner is liable to pay tax in accordance with Slovenian Personal Income Tax Act (other income, which also includes awards). The advance payment of income tax is calculated and deducted by the Organizer/Sponsor who provides the Prize.

  1. Determination of Winners and the right to receive the Prize
    The Winners are randomly drawn on the date of the Prize Draw, as specified in individual posts, from all correct entries received by all the Entrants who under individual posts provided the correct answer to the question written in individual posts on Facebook or Instagram page. The Prize Draw is not open to the public and the results of the Draw are final.

The Prize is awarded unless the Winner does not comply with or acts against General Entry Terms and Competition Rules, or if he/she does not fulfil the conditions to claim the Prize or does not send his/her data to the Organizer within the required period of 3 working days after receiving the Competition Organizer’s notification about winning the Prize. The Prize is also not awarded and the Entrants are excluded from the Competition if they spread hate speech in any way whatsoever.
In this case, the Competition Organizer has no obligations towards the Winner. The Prize is at the sole discretion of the Organizer and the Draw for this Prize is not repeated. The Prize cannot be changed or exchanged for cash equivalent.

  1. Notification of Winners and claiming the Prize
    The Winners are notified about how to claim the Prize by the Organizer in the comments under individual Facebook or Instagram Competitions. The Winners are required to send their data (name and surname, address, VAT number) within 3 working days to the Organizer to the e-mail address sus@surofitness.comor in a private message to ŠUS Eurofitness Facebook or ŠUS Eurofitness Instagram account. The Winners receive the Prize by regular or electronic mail. The Organizer sends the Prize at its own expense to the address sent by the Winner. If the Winner does not claim the Prize, he/she loses the right to the Prize without the right to claim any compensation.
  2. Exclusion of liability
    The Organizer and the Provider are not liable:
    • If the Competition is not working due to a failure of contractual partners’ network
    • If system failure or technical malfunction temporarily prevent the use of Facebook or Instagram service
    • If power failure or other technical malfunctions temporarily prevent the use of services
    • If Entrant’s electronic mail or internet connection are not working or are malfunctioning
    • If the Entrant suffers any consequences arising from entering the Competition beyond the control of the Organizer or Technical provider
    • If the Entrant enters the Competition with incorrect data
    • For any disputes related to the ownership of drawn Prizes
    • For any consequences arising from claiming and using the Prize
    • For any damage caused during the shipment of parcel. In the event of lost or damaged parcel and/or the content of parcel, the Winner is not entitled to any financial or material compensation.
  3. Personal data protection
    Personal Data Controller is the Competition Organizer that processes the personal data of Entrants during the duration period of the Competition for the purposes of carrying out the Competition and awarding the Prizes in compliance with these General Terms and Conditions.

Submitting personal data for the purposes of Competition is voluntary. If an individual does not wish to submit his/her data which are needed for carrying out the Competition, he/she may not enter the Competition.

The Winners must submit their data (name, surname, address, VAT number) to the Controller following its request for the purposes of awarding the Prize. If the Winners do not submit data to the Controller within the specified time period, it is deemed that they have withdrawn from the Competition and they may not claim the Prize.

The Entrants and Winners always have the right to request access to and the rectification of personal data submitted for the Competition and, with regard to this, they also have the right to the limitation on processing their data. The Entrants also have the right to object to processing which counts as withdrawing from entering the Competition and, in this case, they also have the right to the erasure of these personal data. The Winners, whose personal data the Controller keeps for further 10 years after the end of Competition for the purposes of fulfilling its tax obligations, cannot object to the processing of their data, they can, however, request data portability. If they are of the opinion that the Controller is not allowing them to exercise their rights in an appropriate manner, they can notify the department responsible for data protection about this matter by sending an e-mail to the address sus@eurofitness.com or by filing a complaint with the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia (ip-rs.si).

Facebook and Instagram are independent Controllers of personal data within the framework of their own general terms and conditions and privacy policies that the user agrees to upon creating his/her Facebook or Instagram account. The Controller has no influence over the processing of data carried out by Facebook or Instagram with regard to user accounts.

  1. Other provisions
    The Competition Organizer reserves the right to amend these General Entry Terms and Competition Rules. In the event of any amendments to the General Entry Terms and Competition Rules, the Organizer publishes the valid version on its website www.sus-eurofitness.si. If the Entrant does not withdraw from participating in the Competition after the amendments to the General Entry Terms and Competition Rules have been published, it is deemed that he/she accepts and agrees to the amendment.
    All complaints and appeals are resolved by the Competition Organizer. Any disputes arising from carrying out the Competition are settled by the competent court in Ljubljana having jurisdiction as to the substance of a dispute.

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