ŠUS Eurofitness Instructional Classes


Aquagym is training in the pool where participants do aerobic exercises for strength and physical fitness, with or without buoyancy or other training aids. Water is a supportive environment for seniors or any individuals who are recovering from injury or who struggle with balance, providing a safe and low impact fitness class for increasing the pulse and breathing rate.


Zumba is more than just aerobic exercise. In addition to burning a lot of calories during training, you can also have crazy fun in Latin rhythms and forget about everyday worries. After the workout, you feel great and reborn.

vodene vadbe šus max

Body MAX

A highly intensive interval training for the entire body where you use your own body weight to provide resistance against gravity. It improves your fitness level, burns fat and builds up your explosive power, speed, and agility.



A very intense training composed of warming up, the main part and cooling down:

  • The exercises are very varied (with weights and your own body weight).
  • You can adjust the intensity of exercises according to your fitness ability.

Acro Gym

Acro Gym is a “mix” that includes yoga, acrobatics and massage. This combination is not only athletic, but also aesthetic. It is definitely a different form of sports activity in pairs.

Akro gym relieves the mind from worry and relieves stress, leading to a better quality of life. It causes a stronger immune system and improves the general well-being of a person.

Boot Camp

One of the most beneficial trainings for your whole body:

  • It improves movement skills and agility of the body.
  • It helps you lose body fat.
  • It strengthens individual muscle groups.
  • It adds variety to training with different exercises.
vodene vadbe cycling


A stationary bike in the finest possible gym, uplifting tunes and a wicked instructor are an unbeatable combination to get you dripping in sweat, to get your heart racing and to make you start dancing on air. Interval training in all the positions that a bike could possibly allow is accessible to everyone because every bike lets you adjust the level of difficulty. My task is to convince you to push yourself even harder than you ever have before.


Functional training for all levels of physical fitness. It focuses on functional exercises with kettlebells, TRX straps, free weights and your own bodyweight. The goal of training is to set individuals up for daily life with better functional movements.

Hidroteraija ŠUS Eurofitness


The goal of hydrotherapy is to maintain, regenerate and recover the health of your body. Exercises carried out under water put less strain on the joints, while water resistance is used to improve muscle tone, strength and stamina faster.

Fat burn

Aerobic exercise for the whole body, combined with strength training.
Exercise that helps transform the body faster. A feeling of satisfaction is evident after this exercise, and at the same time, the exercise helps relieve everyday stress. Exercise is the perfect complement to active recreationists, recreational athletes, professional athletes and other better trained individuals who want to improve the body’s functionality.

joga vodene vadbe


Stress and other everyday aspects of modern lifestyles impact our bodies in less than enviable ways, so it is vitally important to take the time for ourselves and our body. This helps us to overcome all the daily challenges that life throws at us.

  • The goal of training is to relax the body and mind.
  • Movements are carefully structured.
  • Controlled breathing and the correct execution of exercises restores the balance of body and mind.


Training that includes elements of yoga, such as relaxing, calming down and stretching, as well as Pilates because you will gain more flexibility, increase muscle strength and tone, particularly of the core muscles, and improve mobility and stability of your body. It is accessible to any age group and all levels of physical fitness, from absolute beginners to professional athletes.

vodene vadbe pilates


Training that includes exercises for toning the muscles, mostly core muscles, and for body’s stability. This helps to wake up the local stabilisers muscles that work to support the spine and promote better mobility. Pilates focuses on concentration, breathing, control of body movements and the core muscles the body. To achieve results, it’s important to train regularly.

shape dance vodena vadba

Shape dance

Dance moves to wild beats in the background is a perfect combination for all dance enthusiasts. During training, you will feel like you are right in the middle of a bouncing sea of bodies swelling the dance floor and pretty soon you’ll see the results on your body.

  • In the first part of training, we thoroughly work out our bodies with cardio exercises.
  • In the second part, we shape our stomach, legs and buttocks.
Step & sweat

Step & sweat

A highly intensive workout where we move up and down, around and over the stepper. The heart of step are exercises and steps that will increase your heart rate and shape and tone your legs and booty. Of course, we don’t forget on exercises for sculpting the muscles of our upper body and torso. The exercises are static and dynamic and everyone, also complete beginners, can choose the optimal level of their training because it offers very varied, either more or less intensive exercises. If you are looking for a challenge and you like Step or you want to give it a go, join us at a 30-minute or a 60-minute Step & Sweat training.

ŠUS Core

A training that lasts 45 minutes and combines a highly intensive interval training with strength exercises that will tone each and every one of your ab muscles.

By alternating intensive isometric exercises (e.g., different variations of plank), targeted side bends, twists and turns, as well as highly energy intensive cardio training (e.g., mountain climbers), we’ll work the muscles of our entire torso.

ŠUS Eurofitness HIIT


You can join two types of Šus Hiit training: 30min HIIT – 30 minutes / Morning HIIT – 45 minutes / Evening HIIT – 45 minutes

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) uses short bursts of vigorous exercise alternating with low-intensity recovery times.

  • It alternates between two types of exercises – anaerobic and endurance training.
    It is the only type of training where 24-48 hours after a HIIT workout your body is still burning calories and fat.
  • It naturally increases the two most important hormones for muscle growth and losing weight: testosterone and growth hormone.

ŠUS Power

A varied, highly intensive interval training where you choose your own intensity (different weight sizes, periods of rests etc.).

  • The correct and good technique is important.
  • We work on all of the body’s abilities and focus specifically on strength and endurance.
  • The workout is done at different stations.
vodena vadba top fit

Top Fit

Do you need a new challenge for your physical abilities and want to discover what are your limits? Then Top Fit training is just the right thing for you because you will get support not only by your experienced trainer but also by the whole group.

  • The exercises work on strengthening several muscle groups and acquiring specific types of endurance.
  • The exercises are very diverse (with different training aids and your own body weight).
  • You can adjust the intensity of exercises according to your fitness ability.
vital ŠUS Eurofitness


A very diverse training especially tailored to the needs of seniors who wish to enhance the vitality and health of their bodies.

  • It includes different elements of traditional aerobics, cross training, Pilates and stretching.
  • The exercises condition the whole body.
ŠUS Eurofitness Mobility


Training that is targeted at all age groups and that involves dynamic stretching exercises which help you move easier and better during everyday tasks. It focuses on the mobility of shoulders, spine and hips. To achieve results, it’s important to train regularly.

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