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Functional training (FX)

Functional training is for all levels of physical fitness. It focuses on functional exercises with kettlebells, TRXs, free weights and your own bodyweight. The goal of training is to set individuals up for daily life with better functional movements.

Location – Gym for functional training

Please refer to the timetable to see the times of training.

Type of training

The goal of functional training is to improve movement in everyday life.

Intensity: Low to medium
*In consultation with your class instructor, you can also adjust the intensity.

Technical complexity: Moderate to high
* In consultation with your class instructor, you can also adjust the complexity.

Training aids: Free weights, kettlebells, TRXs, sliding mats, ropes

Duration of training: 45 min

Structure of training class

Introductory part (warm up): Basic warming up for 5-10min

Main part: Functional exercises

After training (cool down): Static stretching with emphasis on the mobility of joints

Instructing style: Mixed (in front of a group and at different stations)

Benefits of exercise:

  • Strengthens the torso and the entire body
  • Promotes perfect physical fitness
  • Improves movement and the performance of everyday tasks
  • Improves coordination and concentration.

Training is intended for

  • Seniors,
  • Anyone who has previous experience with using bars and weights
  • Anyone who wants to improve flexibility, mobility, strength and the stability of joints and muscles.

The training is not recommended to people who are recovering from injury.

You can combine this training with

You need

Sports clothes, sports shoes (clean, to be used indoor), large towel, water or other sports drink.

You can apply for training in the application BH GYM LOOP.

FX ŠUS Eurofitness
FX ŠUS Eurofitness
FX ŠUS Eurofitness
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