In ŠUS Eurofitness, we developed two types of HIIT training for you – ŠUS 30MIN HIIT and MORNING HIIT. Both of these classes are high-intensity interval trainings that work on the entire body. HIIT training alternates between two types of exercises – anaerobic and endurance training. It is the only type of training where 24-48 hours after a HIIT workout your body is still burning calories and fat It naturally increases the two most important hormones for muscle growth and losing weight: testosterone and growth hormone.

Location – Gym for group training classes

Please refer to the  timetableto see the times of training.




Type of training

Mostly aerobic exercises for fitness, endurance, power and weight loss.

Intensity: High
* In consultation with your class instructor, you can also adjust the intensity.

Technical complexity: High
* In consultation with your class instructor, you can also adjust the complexity.

Training aids: Pillow, sometimes weights and other aids (ŠUS 30MIN HIIT); all aids that are available in the gym for functional training (ŠUS MORNING HIIT)

Duration of training: 30 min AND 45 min

Structure of training class: ŠUS 30MIN HIIT

Introductory part (warm up): In the intro, we do dynamic warm-up exercises for 3-4min.
Main part: During the main part that lasts 22-25min we combine different, high-intensity and endurance exercises that include: – 4-min Tabata workout protocol: 20sec of maximum number of repetitions, 10sec of rest; – Drop Down sets: e.g., we do one exercise in its highest intensity, possibly until failure or complete fatigue, then we drop the intensity gradually every 30sec; or a combination of 2 exercises for 5 reps carried out in increasingly shorter time frames, 60/34/30sec with short 15sec rests in-between; – Incremental sets: we do 2 exercises and start with a smaller number of reps, then we increase this number, e.g., 2/2, 4/4… to 10/10 and then we reverse); – 2min Beep Test challenges.
After training (cool down): We cool down with a 2-3min stretch.

Structure of training class: MORNING HIIT and EVENING HIIT

Introductory part (warm up): In the intro, we gradually warm up the body for 5-10min, raise the heart rate and stretch.
The main part: High-intensity interval training with our own bodyweight and/or training aids that are available in the gym for functional training.
After training (cool down): A short, 5min stretch.

Instructing style: In front of a group or at different stations

Effects of exercise:

  • Strengthens the entire body,
  • Promotes perfect physical fitness,
  • Burns fat efficiently,
  • Shapes the whole body, building endurance and physical fitness.

Training is intended for anyone who

  • Likes dynamic exercises,
  • Wishes to lose extra weight (get slimmer),
  • Desires to improve fitness and endurance,
  • Desires to shape and tone their body.

You can combine this training with

You need

Sports clothes, sports shoes (clean, to be used indoor), large towel, water or other sports drink.

You can apply for training in the application  BH GYM LOOP.

ŠUS Eurofitness HIIT
ŠUS Eurofitness HIIT
ŠUS Eurofitness HIIT
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