Acro Gym

Acro Gym is a fusion of yoga, acrobatics and massage. This combination is not only athletic, but also aesthetic. Certainly, it is a different type of sports activity in pairs.

Acro Gym dispels the worries of your mind and relieves stress, leading to a higher quality of life. It strengthens the immune system and improves the overall well-being.

Location – Gym for group training classes

Please refer to the timetable to see the times of training.

Type of training

Static training for strength, as well as improving the kinaesthesia and functionality of body.

Intensity: Low to medium
Technical complexity: Medium to high
Training aids: Pillows
Duration of training: 55min

Structure of training class

Introductory part (warm up): 10min of gymnastic exercises for strength; dynamic and static stretching
Main part: Learning the techniques for holding positions in pairs
After training (cool down): Stretching
Teaching style:In front of a group

Effects of exercise

  • Strengthens the torso and the entire body,
  • Promotes perfect physical fitness,
  • Burns fat efficiently,
  • Shapes and tones the entire body,
  • Builds endurance and physical fitness,
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system,
  • Improves coordination and concentration,
  • Helps to release “happy” hormones and reduces stress.

Training is intended for anyone who

  • Improve functionality of their body,
  • Improve the strength and flexibility of their body,
  • Refine body coordination skills.

Increase mobility in older age.

You can combine this training with:

You need

Comfortable sports clothing, you can be barefoot.

You can apply for training in the application BH GYM LOOP.

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