What Is Exercise with Oxygen?

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) combined with our adaptive system is a new, trailblazing approach in the field of sports, health and well-being. Compared to the already established exercise with oxygen with scientifically proven results, this is an upgraded, even more advanced and efficient practice. It is ideal for all generations, professional athletes, sports amateurs, serious recreation enthusiasts or simply for anyone who wants to achieve outstanding results with shorter, yet very efficient and less strenuous exercises.

EWOT is a perfect addition to fitness and sauna and special protocols are followed for maximum results. We are trailblazers in this field in Slovenia and we proud ourselves on rich experience in practice. With EWOT, the body is oxygenated faster than in a hyperbaric chamber! Breathing pure oxygen will dramatically regenerate your body and increase the overall quality of your life!

Benefits of exercise with oxygen:

  • STIMULATES IMMUNE SYSTEM (provides a strong boost to the immune system and eliminates the need for visits at the doctor’s)
  • PREVENTS CHRONIC PAIN (prevents and treats burn-out, tiredness and general poor health)
  • DETOX (strong detoxification of the body, neutralizes body tissue acidity, purifies and regulates the digestive system, provides support for effective smoking cessation)
  • ENHANCES ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE (preparation for matches or longer competitions, preparation for exams or meetings, improves mental abilities)
  • SUPPORT IN REHABILITATION OF INJURIES AND HEALING OF WOUNDS (after surgery or injury, faster healing of wounds, quicker recovery from injury)
  • ALTITUDE TRAINING (preparation before venturing into the mountains, increased rate of oxygen usage (VO2 max))
  • WEIGHT LOSS (excessive weight loss, body shaping)
  • SUPPORT FOR MINOR AND MAJOR HEALTH ISSUES (arthritis, asthma, diabetes etc.)
  • IMPROVED LUNG FUNCTION (helps lungs recover from colds or virus infections)
  • REVERSES THE PROCESS OF AGING (regulates blood circulation, regenerates cells and skin)
  • RELIEVES STRESS (balances the alkalinity of body, improves the functioning of gut microbiome, reduces stress)
  • INCREASED OXYGENATION OF BRAIN (better concentration, prevention of brain damage, recommended at least once per year for all contact sports)

ŠUS Eurofitness announces new partnership

ŠUS Eurofitness welcomes a new partner in its sporting facilities and includes yet another innovative body regeneration technique with many other beneficial effects in its wide range of activities. Exercise in oxygen-rich and oxygen-poor environments delivers exceptional results.

We are the first in Slovenia to provide this state-of-the-art technology to our users! Now you can benefit from an already well-established practice abroad – exercise with oxygen and contrast training (hypoxic and hyperoxic). Come and try it out!

Exercise with oxygen is possible only by prior appointment.
For more information and appointment call us on +386 51 858 808

For more information visit our partner’s website www.studio-oxygen.com.


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