Personalized training

We offer you FREE a first assessment of your motor performance and a basic plan with exercises for the first month! First, we measure your current motor skills, do a short analysis of your results and put together a programme adapted to your needs and goals!

Who is it for?

For anyone who ever said:

  • “I DON’T HAVE A GREAT DEAL OF EXPERIENCE, but I want to become active and I don’t know where to start.”
  • “I WANT A STRUCTURED AND GOAL-ORIENTED TRAINING PROGRAMME.” (I want to reduce body weight, increase muscle mass, improve my fitness, gain more flexibility etc.)
  • “I WANT TO MONITOR MY PROGRESS and know HOW MUCH I progressed.”
  • “I’M GETTING BACK INTO TRAINING AFTER INJURY and I need professional help as regards my activity limitations due to health issues or injuries.”
  • “I NEED SUPPORT and motivation from a professional.”

If you become a ŠUS member, you also get:

  • Unlimited access to SPA CENTRE with a swimming pool (spacious steam sauna, infra sauna, a comfortable jacuzzi)

What is the process?

We measure for free your physical fitness and motor skills, analyse results and put together a prescription for movement, either in the app or in printed form, as you prefer.

1. Motor performance assessment

With this measurement or assessment, you can check your motor performance following the European method for health enhancing fitness status, i.e., the European Fitness Badge (EFB), and consult a professional before you start training according to your programme. The measurements include the assessment of all basic motor skills which are important in our day-to-day life.
After you receive your assessment, you also get a certificate with your results and a comparison of your results with individuals of same age and sex on the European level.
This certificate is the basis for designing your monthly training programme.

2. Personalized training programme

The training programme that you receive and can use in the mobile application BH GYMLOOP (or in printed form) contains detailed instructions on how to carry out the exercises in the programme. Each individual training within the programme consists of a logical succession of exercises, complemented with clear videos of each exercise. The number of repetitions of each exercise, the number of series and load are also set out.
You can do the programme on cardio machines or cross trainers in the fitness centre, outdoor, or even at home in your living room.

WHERE can I do Personalized training?

ŠUS Eurofitness, Vodnikova 155, 1000 Ljubljana

WHEN can I do Personalized training?

Every WEDNESDAY at 16:45 and every THURSDAY (starting in May) at 10:00.

WHAT do I need?

Wear sports clothes, bring clean sports shoes, a drink and a towel.

Do you also always find a good excuse and you need someone to guide, monitor and encourage you? 

Then it’s time for PERSONALIZED TRAINING! In ŠUS fitness centre we’ve put together an offer designed especially with you in mind: We offer you a customized training plan that is prepared by our kinesiologist, based on your current physical and health characteristics, and accessible in the mobile app for FREE. Are you IN?

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