All what you need for rehabilitation in one place – consulting room, swimming pool, two fitness gyms.

  • Holistic and personalized treatment
  • Workout plans after injury
  • Kinesio Taping® technique
  • Sports massage
Fizioterapija Šus Eurofitness

Manual therapy (physiotherapy)

Manual therapy is a physiotherapeutic technique where manual force is applied to muscle tissue, creating a controlled injury in scar tissue. It successfully releases tension in muscle tissues, which is the main cause of joint pain.

Personalized treatment of chronic pain with physiotherapy

Chronic pain treatment is based on a holistic approach to a patient. The primary goal of therapy is to educate the patients so they can better understand the functioning of their body and accept autonomous decisions that positively affect their health and well-being. It is the imbalances in these areas that contribute to the risk of developing chronic disease and pain.



Jure Reherman, Physiotherapy BSc

Phone: 041 373 638

E-mail: fiziolofija@gmail.com

Jure Reherman Šus Eurofitnes

In my work as a physiotherapist, I try to be a role model for my patient, providing inspiration and motivation for change. The main mission of my work is to break down the taboos about spirituality and to empower people with courage and knowledge for dealing with chronic pain.

Physiolosophy is the meeting point of physiotherapy and philosophy. Chronic pain is a social issue and this is where we start to bring down the taboos about spirituality, talk about how manual therapy works and what changes in our lifestyle can promote a better quality of our life.

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