ŠUS Power Instructional Class

During this training you will test your upper limits of strength endurance, learn complex moves and have fun while performing functionally complex exercises. The training will boost your mood and confidence because you will gradually be able to tackle bigger challenges and loads.

Location – Gym for functional training 

Please refer to the timetable to see the times of training.

Type of training

ŠUS Power is aerobic-anaerobic training for strengthening the muscles of our entire body, with focus on endurance and strength. Experience with lifting heavy loads and performing complex moves is desirable.

Intensity: Medium to high. * In consultation with your class instructor, you can also adjust the intensity. 

Technical complexity: Medium to high. * In consultation with your class instructor, you can also adjust the complexity. 

Training aids:Pillows, weights, bar, step, benches, TRXs, sliding mats, jumping rope, AB roller, hand weights. 

Duration of training: 55min

Structure of training class

Introductory part (warm up):In the 10min intro we alternate between various dynamic and static exercises.

Main part: During the main part that lasts 35min we draw on the selection of functional exercises that will help you develop strength endurance of your entire body with various training aids.

We lift weights to the rhythm of popular music and work on all large muscle groups. After training (cool down): In the last 10min, we stretch our entire body.

Instructing style:In front of a group / at different stations / mixed – warm up and cool down in front of a group; the main part at different stations in smaller groups (3-5 people). 

Effects of exercise:

  • Strengthens the muscles of entire body
  • Promotes perfect physical fitness (in strength)
  • Burns fat efficiently
  • Shapes the whole body, building endurance and physical fitness
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • Improves coordination and concentration,

Training is intended for anyone who

  • Likes dynamic exercises.
  • Has previous experience with using bars, weights and heavier loads.
  • Wishes to lose extra weight (get slimmer).
  • Wants to gain fitness and endurance.
  • Desires to shape and tone their body.

The training is not recommended for people who are recovering from injury or who are disinclined to do intensive exercise. If you have any injuries or difficulties, consult your instructor before the class begins so certain exercises can be adapted to your needs.

You can combine this training with

You need

Sports clothes, sports shoes (clean, to be used indoor), large towel, water or other sports drink.You can apply for training in the application BH GYM LOOP.

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