Fat burn

Aerobic training for the entire body, combined with exercises for strength.
This class puts you on the fast track toward reshaping your body. . After training, you will notice an enhanced feeling of contentment and reduced stress, while everyday challenges will become easier to overcome. The class is a perfect addition to training for active sports amateurs, recreation athletes, professional athletes and other individuals who are experienced in training and wish to improve the functionality of their body.

Location – Gym for group training classes

Please refer to the timetable to see the times of training.

Type of training

Aerobic training combined with exercises for strength.

Intensity: Low to medium
Technical complexity: Low
Training aids: Pillows, weights, stationary bicycle
Duration of training: 45 min

Structure of training class

Introductory part (warm up): 5-7min warm up.
Main part: Exercises for strength in combination with aerobic rests.
After training (cool down): During the last 5-7min, we calm the mind and stretch the body.
Teaching style: In front of a group

Effects of exercise

  • Strengthens the torso and the entire body,
  • Promotes perfect physical fitness,
  • Burns fat efficiently,
  • Shapes and tones the entire body,
  • Builds endurance and physical fitness,
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system,
  • Improves coordination and concentration,
  • Helps to release “happy hormones” and reduces stress.

Training is intended for anyone who

  • Likes dynamic exercises,
  • Wishes to lose extra weight (get slimmer),
  • Wants to gain fitness and endurance,
  • Desires to shape and tone their body.

You can combine this training with

You need

Sports clothes, sports shoes (clean, to be used indoor), large towel, water or other sports drink.

You can apply for training in the application BH GYM LOOP.

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